Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Salutations and all that crap

Hello, hello.
This is my first blog, so bear with my faux-pas, pointless ramblings, and general lostness.
I first heard about blogs about 2 weeks ago. Generally I don't care for publishing/aggrandizing my written words, but for some reason I am drawn to this media. Most likely it is just a part of this "integrated internetting" thing I'm going through. In the last month I have started using the internet for my work for the first time, met my first online friend, had my first cyber-sex (fairly nice, thank you for asking) and generally started using the net in a more regular manner.
I could be using this soapbox to opine about the state of world affairs, or philosophical treatises, but sex and relationships are so much more titillating. I am also very bemused and bewildered by the extraordinarily rapid development of the budding online relationships I have formed, and would love to hear comments from both neophites like myself and more experienced internet sluts.
My goal is to update this thing weekly. We'll see. Many of my entries are likely to seem completely irrelevant to online dating etc. but really, they will all be based on my ongoing experiences, however tangential. (Is that even a word?) I may even explain why they make sense. Or not.
Anyways, happy blogging, cybering and screwing to all.


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